Leading with Transparency to Restore Confidence in the Electoral System

We need a citizen and a leader, not a career politician, to restore faith and trust in our democratic institutions. Beau Lane is the voice we need to stand up to those who continue to seek to divide us, and to bring much needed integrity and transparency back to our electoral process.



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A Distinguished
Arizona Business Leader

Beau Lane is a native Arizonan, a business leader, a strong conservative and a pillar of our community. Blessed with opportunity in our great state, Beau understands that the cornerstone of our democracy rests in an electoral system we can trust. After watching too many politicians deliver partisan rhetoric and spread messages of mistrust, Beau is running for Secretary of State to bring integrity, honesty, and transparency back into our electoral process.

President of the largest advertising agency in Arizona

A Distinguished Arizona Business Leader

A Distinguished Arizona Business Leader

Supported by hundreds of local business leaders

“I’m committed to restoring faith, trust, and integrity to our voting systems, and I’m not some career politician who is more concerned with sound bites than with action.”

A Leader With a Heart For Our Community

Restore Trust in Our Elections

Beau understands that our democracy can only function if all citizens have faith and trust in our electoral process. Our state and nation can only survive and thrive if each of our citizens believe in the integrity of the system and that their vote will count. Beau will stand up for election integrity and fight to restore our confidence in our elections.

Common Sense Reform

With a polarized electorate, Beau will fight for common-sense reforms in our elections. All in-person voters must present ID, early vote ballots must only be sent to actual Arizona residents, and the voter rolls must be kept current. Transparency is key, which is why Beau will ensure an open process when it comes to chain of custody of ballots as well as counting procedures.

Less Rhetoric, More Results

The incumbent secretary of state appears constantly on national cable news and manages the office as more of a partisan operative than as a public servant. Adding to the problem, harsh, left-wing talking points are no substitute for real leadership. Beau will take a different approach, serving all Arizonans and making sure all citizens have faith in the system.

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